Crowdsourcing websites vs Independent Graphic Designer

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More and more business owners are turning to crowdsourcing websites such as Fiverr and Design Crowd to complete their graphic design needs. Crowdsourcing websites are inexpensive and often you will have the choice of hundreds of logo designs from Graphic Designers all over the world. But that doesn’t mean that the designs meet your business needs or your design brief. Without the ability to talk to the Designer face to face to meet them and build a long-lasting relationship it is difficult to ensure the logos your receive will suit your needs.

Crowdsourcing logo designs

The most common snag to the logo design process is the idea that the perfect logo can and should be designed in a few hours. Designing a logo is not a quick or easy process and on average takes from 2-6 weeks from starting the project to sending the Client the print and digital ready files.

Crowdsourcing websites indicate that if you sign up and upload a design brief that you will get in a matter of hours many unique logo designs that you can use as your business logo. Quite often the results from the logo design projects are poorly thought out, badly designed logos which do not represent the project brief accurately.

Crowdsourcing websites damage the graphic design profession

Crowdsourcing websites give unrealistic expectations of a quick turnaround of a logo design, unlimited revisions and multiple designs. Unfortunately many of the logo’s seen on crowdsourcing websites are copies of well-known, well recognised logo’s and aren’t the original or unique logos that you would receive from a professional Graphic Designer such as myself.

Most professionals in the Graphic Design world have nurtured their creative skills, have degrees in Graphic Design and have gained experience either working in an agency or have set up a freelance career. Many designer such as myself have a tried and tested logo design process combined with telephone conversations and client meetings to find out the exact needs of the client so the final logo fully meets the Clients needs.

Choosing an independent Graphic Designer vs Crowdsourcing websites

Choosing an independent Graphic Designer such as myself over the use of a crowdsourcing website enables you to have a personal relationship with the Graphic Designer. A designer charging a significant amount of money for their logo design services will be spending a significant amount of time talking with you, researching, and creating logo design choices for you to browse.

A logo design can cost anywhere from £500-£1500 for a self-employed business person. Where they will get a choice of three logo design concepts, the chosen one refined and developed, the logo prepared for print and digital needs such as your website and social media, a business card, letterhead and compliment slip designed, a logo guidelines booklet and a style manual showing you how to use your new logo design as well as support and advice during and after the project has been completed. A small to medium business can expect to pay between £1500-£5000 for a logo design and accompanying stationery, support and advice.

Your business is unique, your brand needs to be unique, and a logo developed too quickly, can have negative effects on your businesses image. Yes, tailored logos cost more; but they also withstand the test of time, become memorable and recognisable symbols.

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