The logo design process explained in 5 stages

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Designing a successful logo is not a simple, quick or easy process. It requires a large amount of research, thought, care and attention to ensure your new logo targets the correct market and broadcasts the right message. A badly designed logo will have a negative effect on the perception of your business, but a well designed logo can transform your business attracting the right people.

Here are my five stages to creating the perfect logo design that boosts your business increases your sales and attracts the people you want to do business with. Read the positive testimonials I have received from my clients and call 07845 829 000 to discuss your logo design project. If you have any questions about my logo design process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stage 1: A logo design brief

In order to design your business the perfect logo design I need a strong understanding of your business, competitors and your target audience. At the beginning of the project I will either send you a questionnaire, or meet you for a coffee and a consultation to discuss your needs and challenges. Your answers, will help me to create a list of objectives that your new logo design needs to meet, and agree this with you before proceeding further. These objectives forms the design brief, which will be used by me as a foundation for the decisions made during the design phase.

Stage 2: Research & Discovery Phase

One of the most important parts of any design process is research and discovery. This is where I will research and study your company, its history and competition, as well as the groups and individuals you aim to target. This research ensures I know your business well, so I’m able to design a logo that represents the uniqueness of your business. The research phase is an opportunity to discover potential ideas which could be used as inspiration during the ideas generation phase.

Stage 3: Idea Generation & Design

I prefer to start this process using my sketchbook, and numerous idea generation techniques, such as brainstorming mood boards and spider diagrams. All ideas are roughly sketched and explored as a potential idea for your logo design. Once I have three strong logo design concepts that meet the agreed objectives I will begin to work on the designs using vector design software called Adobe Illustrator. While I am drawing up the best three ideas I will keep sketching and developing the chosen ideas and developing other sketches.

Once I have at least three solid designs prepared, I will have an incubation period of a day, where I do not look at the logos. During this time I think about new logo ideas to be explored and return to the project with a fresh perspective. Following this period I will return to the designs, refine the work where needed and select the most suitable designs to present. I will refer back to the agreed objectives at all times, to ensure the presented designs meet the agreed goals.

Stage 4: Presentation of your new logo designs

Once your logo designs are ready to present, I will create a PDF document which will display the logo designs created, with images of the designs in real life examples, along with supporting notes explaining the decisions made. I only present designs which I am confident in, and will give you my opinion on which I believe will be most suitable for your business. I will leave the final choice to you, and if you feel the design could be improved or modified to better meet the objectives, changes will be made where necessary.

Stage 5: Final Delivery & Support

Once the designs are completed, and we are both happy with the final design work, I will prepare your new logo files for use on web and print. I will also prepare a logo usage document to help you make the most of your new logo as your business grows, and if at any point you need help with your logo files I’ll be available to help and support you ongoing.

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