Why your business needs a great logo design

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Your logo represents all that you and your business stands for, your goals, objectives, values and aspirations. Your logo is often the first introduction to your business that your customers see, and the first thing your business is judged on so it is crucial to get your logo right. A logo introduces your brand identity, inspires trust and helps your business stand out among your competitors.

A great logo design attracts immediate attention

Your business name combined with your  logo and a catchy strap line will make potential customers curious and encourage them to ask questions about your business helping your logo and business become memorable to your customers. First impressions are key and your business needs to make a bold direct statement.

A clever logo design delivers your message for you

Your logo should visually represent your business subtly telling your customers what you do and how well you do it and this can be achieved with my imagination and creativity. Other values which can be woven into your business logo are your businesses values, aspirations, goals, achievements and these can be shown by symbols, colour and font selection.

A great logo design sets you apart from your competitors

A logo and business branding are more often than not neglected by business owners to their own detriment. Many business owners neglect important aspects of promoting, advertising and branding their business as they don’t see the value that graphic design can bring to their business, and profit margin. There are many examples of clever advertising that has been very successful in making their business stand out above their competitors and attracting new customers which in turn increases their profit margins. Examples include Apple, Microsoft, Nike and McDonalds.

A great logo design inspires trust

A distinctive logo has the power to attract attention and turn curiosity into loyalty and trust which will encourage your customers to recommend your business to their friends, family and co-workers which will help your business become known and increase your businesses profile.

A great logo design is timeless

Your logo design needs to stand the test of time ensuring that your brand turns from new and exciting, into a trustworthy household name. The right logo will be memorable in the eyes of your customers. It is best practice to avoid using trends and cutting edge design or tweaking your logo design many times throughout your brands lifespan, as it will confuse your customers. It is best to have a classic timeless logo that transmits trust; brand loyalty and can easily stand the test of time.

Further reading: an article on the BBC News website How important is it for a company to have a great logo written by Peter Shadbolt.

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